Reconstruct your ideology of working out.

You’re sitting at home, comfortable on the couch. You told yourself you were going to go to the gym Tuesday. You had to! you’re getting fluffy and you feel gross. You guilt yourself into going. Find your crappy tangled headphones, and shove them in your pocket. As soon as you park you debate putting it in reverse, and heading right back home. At least I’ve done this. Everyone walks around, looks at each other but doesn’t talk. No-one cares what you’re lifting they only care how much weight they’re moving for everyone else to see. You might just be getting into working out, you’re not that serious and you want to do this thing called exercise because people say you should. Id say you were right earlier. Put your car in reverse and leave, because that is not how exercise should feel.

Now look at this picture for a second, what do you see?

I know you couldn’t give two shits what weight I had on the bar in that workout. Honestly, I don’t either. The real magic is that I pushed myself to my best that night. But… look at Kate. Kate is my friend. And Kate gave two shits that night. When you surround yourself in an environment where you have people who know you, who care about you, who know more than just your name, who you hang out with outside of the gym, you’ll understand what I mean. It will turn your nights of searching for shitty tangled headphones and peeling yourself off the couch to something way better. You’re going to actually look FORWARD to going to the gym… and you won’t bring your headphones. Find people who push you, and push themselves, and you can become someone you didn’t know you had inside of you.

But how much is the membership? Thats way to expensive, are you crazy. I don’t wanna drive that far. Heres the kicker, this can happen at a garage, a park down the street, on the beach, anywhere. I know because Ive done it at all of those places. All that matters is your motivation and the energy you surround yourself with. You know you can control that right? The energy you surround yourself with. Choose the Kates.

I am here to help you move in this direction. I want to help.

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