San Diego, California

My first post about places I have been had to be California. I have been 3 different times and can’t ever get enough. I think I will take my own advice one day and just move there. Whats the most thing that can happen? I move back? So what!

San Diego: What I did, what I saw, what I liked.

La Jolla Cove! Very cool places to snorkel and kayak or just swim. I went during shark week and my Mom was NOT thrilled. I still have all of my limbs.
USS Midway Museum, I usually don’t like museums but this one is worth going to!!
The Kissing Soldier at the Port of San Diego
One of my favorite places in SD. Not the best sunset at the sunset cliffs this time, but I always go here every time I’m in town.
A secret spot shown to me by my friend Cameron who grew up here. I don’t know where it is but it’s near la Jolla Cove. Go find your own secret spot!

You HAVE to go here because I know you love the movie Top Gun. I go to this bar every time I am in town. If you go, try to go on a Wednesday night and say hi to Chris the coolest bar tender. Oh, and tell him he has a Boston accent.. he hates it because he grew up in Cali.

Kansas City BBQ is the name, I call it the Top Gun Bar. Located in the Harbor District of San Diego.
Where they played Great Balls of Fire
Padres baseball game! This was a blast, the stadium is very entertaining. I highly recommend checking out a game here.
Del Mar horse races! First and only time to a horse race. Very fun and not expensive to go, only expensive to lose all your bets.
Crossfit Invictus! Right in San Diego. The coaching was amazing and extremely knowledgable. If you need a good workout definitely drop in here.

Other cool places:

Gaslamp is a super fun and lively downtown area wiht tons of nightlife and places to eat. I wish I went here more when I was in town.

Coronado Island is across the Big Bay from downtown San Diego. The beaches are super clean and it is a very nice area.The historic hotel del Coronado is located here.

—>Negatives of Coronado: I ate at the hotel once and it was not very good and was extremely expensive compared to other good restaurants in SD.

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