Try A workout I did this week. May 7- May 13

Something my dad has been saying for years and still texts me every week.. Happy SHIT Day! (Sure Happy Its Tuesday). Yes it works for Thursday too.

Today I did a fun 3 person team workout, it looked like this (see picture): We split up the work evenly except since I was with two boys they skied a bit more. It starts with a nice run to get some sun and then the shoulder fatigue set it in. The handstand walking was my favorite. I chose to do push jerks and they did push presses. We all did them in sets of 10, unbroken. One person had to do one extra set of 10 than the other 2. Grab two buddies and give it a try!

Took us 21:00

Thats our Sloppy white board writing

May 9, Happy Hump day!

Today I did a spicy partner workout, the skill level in this one was much higher than normal. Everyone starts somewhere, and everything can be modified. The workout was:
 With a partner-As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:

 25 foot over head lunge (1 dumbbell, over head)
 16 toes to bar
 8 DB snatches
 25 foot over head lunge
Now it is your partners turn to do one full round- The score is rounds plus reps completed in the 12 minutes.  
*rest 4 min*

Now as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes, alternating full rounds of:

25 foot handstand walk
8 Bar muscle ups 
8 angels press (burpee with one hand on one dumbbell, stand into a dumbbell snatch)
25 foot handstand walk back

Okay so that is a lot of mumble jumble to take in. Handstand walking and bar muscle ups are a very high skill and can be modified. I had to lower it all the way to 2 bar muscle ups instead of 8. And that is perfectly fine! Questions about modifications please comment.

May 10, 2019

I didn't feel like working out and my parents were coming into town soon. I did this workout real quick by myself:
5 Rounds:
20 calorie bike
20 sit ups
20 air squats
50 foot handstand walk

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