My California Road Trip, July 2018

Last summer I went on a dream trip of mine with my boyfriend. Although we are not dating any more, we are still great friends. This trip was amazing and I could not of done it without his help. I can’t wait to get back out there. I am going to share a rough estimate of what we did and where we stopped along the way.

Day 1, July 11th: Landed in San Diego (for my third time)

Stopped at Mission Beach for some beer and noms.

Beer is great.. anywhere
Great place for a walk and people watching.

Day 2, July 12th: Went to the Sunset Cliffs, definitely worth going to.

Too cloudy but still beautiful

Day 3-4, July 13-14:

Stopped by Crossfit Invictus! Then drove down to Mexico!

This hidden gem is called La Fonda Resort.
My friend cameron showed me this hidden gym on the Mexican Coast about 2 hours south of SD. This is from my first trip there, Some surfers left their dogs on the beach. I didn’t mind.
The food is amazing and cheap. Just don’t drink the water. Bottled water always!

This brings me to maybe one of my dumbest but most amazing experiences ever. I did this on my first trip to La Fonda but its the same place we stopped at on our road trip.. I gave some guy $40 cash, didn’t sign any waiver, and flew on this thing that looked like a lawn mower with wings… At sunset. It was amazing. He could of flew over the mountains with me and never came back… but he didn’t, and I had a blast.

I AM IN THAT!!! No regrets.

Day 5, July 15th: Drove up to LA.

Okay so the key to this stop was using the scooters that are around everywhere. They were a blast and not expensive to use. They’re laying around all over, you just download the app and scan it and it starts. You are charged by the mile. LA was very expensive, not my favorite place in Cali (traffic and so many tourists), but worth the stop.

Day 6, July 16th: Exploring LA

Of course we had to see the sign. We went to the Griffith Observatory.

Day 7, July 17

Heading up the coast more. Stopped at two random turn offs in Malibu to explore! Then we checked out Point Dume State Beach.

Had to bring some brews!

Point Dume was definitely worth the stop! The beaches are very nice and there is a cool path to walk up to get on on the point for a good view.

Negatives: I think we had to pay for parking. No more that $15.

Day 7 Continued: We drove up the coast more afterwards and ended up stopping for the night in a pretty slow moving town. We ere shocked how empty it was. The motel wasn’t super nice but it was cheap. The town was called Pismo. We wish we went a little further north to stop at a more interesting town.

Day 8, July 18:

Lots of driving with the most AMAZING VIEWS. Honestly I am glad I was in the passenger seat because I couldn’t stop staring out the window. We stopped to see some seals in San Simeon.

A picture I took
Somewhere along the highway, I took this while driving.

Then we finally reached the Treebones Resort in Big Sur. This place was amazing and a very cool experience. However, It is very expensive and I learned their are so many places to camp right outside of the resort for FREE. The weather is perfect, it gets cool/cold at night so even a tent would be fine.

This is a cool beach with pebbles instead of sand. It is right down the bottom of the road from the resort.

So, time to get to the story of Boogie. One of the coolest humans I have ever met. Boogie was on this pebble beach with his dog, Spirit. Honestly, I think me and the mans at the time were arguing so I decided to make a friend. I can talk to anyone. He looked about 60 years old and he had a dog, of course I started petting the dog. They were both so nice and Boogie told me how he lives at the top of the mountain and pointed upwards.

Boogie lives alone, with his dog. He doesn’t have AC but he said if he wets his shirt and sits in front of a fan, its like free AC. He also claims one day he made this board and was using it to surf the waves and another kid approached him. He asked about the board and asked what his name was. Years later the Boogie Board was invented, he swears after him. This may have not been true, but who knows! (I bolded that sentence because well I think everyone should understand he was genuinely happy when he told me that).

Boogie invited us to his favorite spot a little up the mountain called 2 joint. Sure enough, he even had 2 joints hidden under some rocks. If you read this and go there, don’t steal the man’s joints. He also shared some Coors with us. Amazing.

The man, the myth, the legend. I was picking my nose, don’t worry about it:)

Day 9, July 19th:

We went adventuring and hiked at the Limekiln state park. This is a great place to hike with pretty short trails if you just want to go for the day.

Boogie told us about how we should go to the top of the mountain. It was about 7 miles high if I remember correctly. He said you will be on top of the world, and the sunsets are amazing. Problem was we drove a Mercedes convertible there.. and it gets very steep and tricky in many different spots along the way up. Later that night, we went for it. I am glad I had someone else to drive (a man..). I got nervous many times but, like I say… FEED YOUR SOUL. Adventure is good for you, and we made it to the top.

We saw Boogie again the next day at 2 Joint. W hung out with him and another kid who was about 26 years old. The kid showed us all of the Jade he has found and collects. Jade is an ornamental mineral, mostly known for its green varieties.

The last time we spoke to Boogie he invited us to a big party that the town comes to every year at his house, on the top of the world. Unfortunately , we did did not make it back for this party. What he said to us when we left was something I’ve never forgotten:

It was awesome meeting you guys, and if I never see you again, have a nice life!”.

I loved it. Hope you’re doing great Boogie!

Day 10, July 20th:

We headed back from Big Sur, and drove a lot longer this time than on the way up. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and I started feeling very sick and had stomach issues. I guess this happens sometimes to people when they travel. I spent a lot of time laying down or on the toilet or even crying sometimes. Gotta take the good with the bad!

We did stop by the Top Gun Bar I mentioned in my san, Diego post. As always, love that place! Say Hi to Chris.

If you have any questions about anything else I did or what I did/didn’t like about a specific place… Feel free to comment! Now go find your own adventure!

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