Tell them you love them.

I had the best night with my parents. They truly are the best thing I’ve ever been lucky enough to have. I know not everyone has parents, or has a good relationship with theirs. I am truly grateful for what I have. I laughed so much and had the best time. I often find myself watching them when we hang out, thinking about how they won’t be alive for forever. This thought haunts me and I feel a wave of sadness every time. How will I even survive after they’re gone? I love them so much. So much. I will be in a horrible state of mind if that day comes, I know that.

So my point is. Love them. Whoever you look up to, whoever raised you, whoever cares about you, whoever you love.. Love them all the time, every day and tell them you do. Enjoy every little moment you have in their company because nothing is forever. Try to slow down. Notice the little things. How they laugh, smile, their sarcasm, what their enthusiastic about. One day you won’t be able to, and that’s the hard truth. Take pictures and videos and get to know them as much as you can because no-one will ever be like them.

My challenge to you is.. Whoever you thought about as you read this, call them now. Check in on them, ask how they are, and have a genuine conversation. You won’t regret it and you just might make their day, month, or even year. Life is way too short and unpredictable to hold grudges or not tell someone you care about that you appreciate them.

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