Week 1- Yoga, exercise, meditation

I just completed my first day of yoga and meditation for my 3 month challenge! Just trying to keep an open mind to new things and see what I can learn about myself. Always stay learning, every day, in some way.

Did You Know? Chakras are circular vortexes of energy placed at 7 different spots along the spinal column. Each chakra is connected to various organs and glands throughout your body. Whenever a particular chakra is blocked or disrupted, it leads to an onset of physical and mental issues. Many yoga techniques focus on the chakras and being aware of them and what might be off balance in our body at the time.

I followed along with two yoga videos today from a very popular channel on youtube. What are the odds that it ended up being for the FIRST chakra?! I guess I got lucky, and now will continue to work my way up through each chakra for my first 7 yoga sessions. This one was on the ROOT Chakra.

The root chakra represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. Location: Base of spine/tailbone area. The root chakra is responsible for your sense of security and survival. This chakra is connected to whatever you use to ground yourself (basic needs), as well as your emotional state (letting go of fear and feeling safe).

A blocked Root Chakra can lead to:

Psychological- anxiety, fears, and nightmares.

Physical– Colon, elimination, bladder, lower back or feet problems.

When I was following along with this video, she said to focus on your breathing and say to yourself “I am”. Let that sink in and see if you have an answer. For example, I am worried, I am excited, I am feeling sad. Whatever you feel in the moment, what is it? What came to my mind was “I am nervous”. I think this came to my mind because of the transition point I am at in my life. I graduated from college two days ago, and damn sure never want to work an office job. I am motivated to figure out how to live my best life the way I want but of course I am nervous (also excited).

Finish the sentence: ” I am…” Where are you at right now? Wherever you are, it is OKAY. What matters is recognizing where you are so you can now plan on where to go and how to get there. The video I followed is below: This is a super calm and not a physically difficult video to follow. Try to keep an open mind. That is all I kept telling myself during the video. Really try to do what she says. This is just one video, there are thousands to choose from. I picked it at random. I don’t think I like her style that much(she talked a lot I found it distracting) and am going to try different sources often.

I chose this second video because my hips really need some work. It was a bit shorter and I enjoyed it a lot. I was actively focusing on breathing, which I have never done before. I loved it. Give it a try!


My experience with meditation was interesting. I chose a guided meditation for deep positivity. I felt extremely relaxed, more relaxed than I thought possible. The first half of it I was engaged and focused on what he was saying. The second half, its almost like I was dreaming but awake. I kept having these images and dreams of random things. Not bad things, good things. The weird thing is I don’t even remember what it was that i was dreaming or imagining. Then, as as soon as he said to come out of it and start moving to end the meditation my attention got reeled back in. I felt really tired immediately after it but then I felt super content and relaxed.

I am excited to continue to do this and see what more things I experience. Maybe I will be able to stay tuned in longer, control my thoughts more, or even remember them more.

This is the meditation video I followed

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