Learn about Fungi, you’re missing out.

Turns out Fungi is smart. Sounds crazy, I know. There has been extensive research done on fungi, particularly mushrooms. When I heard mushrooms before I always imagined some crazy thing people ate to see weird things and party. It scared me and I never touched them or tried to learn more bout them. Turns out they are much more important than that.There are also thousands of mushrooms. Its not all about Psilocybin mushrooms, despite them having amazing benefits as well. I will post about about those specifically later.

Paul has received numerous awards, including Invention Ambassador (2014-2015) for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the National Mycologist Award (2014) from the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), and the Gordon & Tina Wasson Award (2015) from the Mycological Society of America (MSA).

There are currently over 10,000 types of known mushrooms. Many mycologists suspect there are much more than this out there.

Paul Stamets statements about fungi and mushrooms:

“We’re more closely related to fungi than any other kingdom”

“We exhale carbon dioxide, so does mycelium. It inhales oxygen like we do”.

“The largest organism in the world is in eastern Oregon. It was 2,200 acres in size and 2,000 years old”. This was a bed of mycelium that was only one cell wall thick.

“In a single cubic inch of soil, there can be more than 8 miles of these cells”.

Fungi is the first organism to come to land and has been found to be extremely powerful and versatile. Some mushrooms have strong antibiotic properties. Some mushrooms can kill you with a single bite. Some mushrooms can be used to control, kill or move insects to different places. Mushrooms are continuously studied and have shown to be connected with our ecosystems and universe in ways that seem hard to believe.

Paul explains in the video below that he was working on a large study using women with breast cancer that were unresponsive to estrogen. Through chemotherapy, an individual’s immune system is often impaired and their natural killer cells decrease. During the study, they found that taking Turkey Trail mushrooms increased their natural killer cells. In the near future his mom was diagnosed with horrible stage 4 breast cancer and was told she had about 3 months to live. The doctors said she was too old to go through chemo and have surgery. They did mention however, that a study was just done involving the consumption of Turkey Trail mushrooms with great results. Paul’s mom knew of the study of course, her son did it. She started taking 8 capsules of Turkey Trail a day. This was in 2009, the Ted Talk he told this story at was in 2011. She came up onto the stage at the end and had no detectable tumors at this time.

This is an amazing story and just scratches the surface of what fungi are capable of. Paul Stamets is extremely interesting and very very smart. I highly recommend listening, reading and learning more on this topic. He has many books out if you are interested in learning further. Just a few of them are below. I will be posting more facts and information about fungi and even Psilocybin mushrooms as I continue to learn!

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