Week 1 update: 3 month challenge

I made myself a challenge to stick to for the next 3 months. The challenge is that I will exercise 3 times a week, meditate 3 times a week, and do yoga 3 times a week for three months. I want to see how these different health/fitness modalities affect me. I believe in learning and drawing information from many different sources is the best way to become the best you that you possibly can. Don’t stay stuck in the same routine forever. Don’t only try hard at what you’re already good at. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or learn about a new topic! Join me!

Yoga is very new to me and WOW there are many other things I have learned I am NOT very good at. Not Yet! I have always been a gym rat, I lift weights a lot, and I do a lot of cardio. My strength definitely helps me in a lot of these yoga poses as I compensate for my lack of mobility and balance. I love yoga so far and really understand how great of a workout it can be. I am constantly reminded during the videos I follow to stay focused on my breathing and to connect my breaths with each movement. This is a great skill to master and I notice it keeps me more present and calm during the harder positions. I am intrigued by the ability of some people to have so much control of their bodies despite it involving a high level of balance, strength, and flexibility. My goal is to be one of those people and I am already having a lot of fun doing it.

Remember: Your mobility and flexibility are extremely important. All of the strength training you do is only going to get you stronger in the exact rage of motion you have. The more flexible and mobile you are, the larger range of motion you have to strengthen. This is a great help in preventing injuries and falls as we age.

3 yoga positions I have recently learned and want to master are the standing split, handstand scorpion, and the superman pose. I will post my progress with pictures!

Standing Split
Handstand Scorpion

The channel I used for my last 2 yoga sessions are below. I picked power yoga for these and loved the challenge.

Exercise is a loose term because yoga is a form of exercise as well. When I say exercise I mean crossfit workouts, cardio, and weight lifting. I exercised 5 out of 7 days this week. This is a normal if not lower amount than usual for me. You can find many of the workouts I do during the week in the “workouts” tab.

Mediation might be the hardest of the 3 for me to get myself to do. I think this is because its never a thought of mine to sit still. I am always busy or itching to go on my next adventure. I never watch tv and I can’t sleep in at all. This is why I can definitely take something positive away from meditating. Being able to sit still, clear your mind, and have that time to yourself is very important. I just completed my third mediation this week and I had a really hard time staying focused and found myself almost sleeping. I am going to search more for specific guided mediations that may fit me better. I am also going to do them in the morning instead of the evening to help me stay more engaged.

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