Workouts 5/14-5/20

Tuesday 5/14

On Tuesday I didn’t step foot in a gym but I got a TON of physical activity. My friend and I decided to randomly drive 45 minutes to the beach, because we love the beach! We played “bump, set, spike” with each other for about 45 minutes. This is just one v.s. one and it was exhausting. We were constantly jumping and diving in the sand getting a killer leg workout. If you don’t feel like going to the gym I highly recommend just going outside and paying a game like this! Grab a football, soccer ball, volley ball or even play spike ball. Just get moving.

Then, we ran 3 miles down the beach. We did our best to make it funny and enjoy the sometimes not so fun chore of running. We even planned on grabbing a margarita right after our run from the beach bar. I am an advocate for having fun and living how you want. Is alcohol good for you? Absolutely not, but I had fun with my friend. We wanted margaritas, so we got some! It is that simple.

running to our margs

Wednesday, 5/15- Back in the gym!

I love strict pull ups!

I know you’re probably thinking there is no way this crossfit chick did 60 STRICT pull-ups without doing that weird kipping leg swinging thing. You’re wrong! I love strict pull-ups and all of the pulling I am constantly doing at crossfit helps me maintain a decent volume of them. Give this one a go! It can be done almost anywhere, you just need a pull-up bar. Even wedging a pole in a tree works. Yes I have done that before. Get creative, don’t make excuses.

Power yoga after the gym.

Thursday, 5/16

I did the workout called “Fight Gone Bad”, this is a well known crossfit workout. It goes like this:

3 rounds, 1 minute rest between each. 1 round is 6 minutes long including the rest:

  • 1:00 wall balls (14lbs girls/20lbs boys)
  • 1:00 Sumo deadlift high pulls ( 55lbs girls/ 75lbs boys)
  • 1:00 box jumps 20 inches high
  • 1:00 Push presses 55/75
  • 1:00 of rowing as far as you can
  • 1:00 rest

The point of this workouts is to get a many reps as you can in each movement during your 60 seconds of work there. Your score is the total reps at the end of the three rounds. My score was 366.

Friday, 5/17- Rest Day! I went to an island and rode jet skis. I also drank a lot of beer with my friend who was in town. You gotta have fun sometimes too! You can stay on track with your goals and productivity despite taking breaks and letting loose. Life is way too short to stay so serious all of the time.

Saturday, 5/18- Rest Day! Two in a row isn’t very common for me. It doesn’t hurt a thing though. Rest is good, let your body recover.

Sunday, 5/19- Went to the gym for a partner workout!

Monday, 5/20

I did a workout in my backyard gym with my sister in law.

This is a LEG BURNER

2 thoughts on “Workouts 5/14-5/20

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