Try A Workout I Did This Week 6/4-6/10

Tuesday, June 4th

Afternoon workout:

4 Rounds:

  • 15 chest to bar pullups
  • 15 deadlifts 185/125
  • 400 meter run

My time: 12:28

Wednesday, June 5th

Tuesday night my mom asked ME to go to the sunrise. This was the first time she went to the beach in probably over a year. My two aunts were in town and joined us as well and it was great to see them.

This afternoon I went to the regular gym and did a workout that I made up on the fly. My favorite way to workout is just by doing whatever feels instinctive in the moment when I am at the gym. I make it up as I go and I love the creative process of it.

  • Bench 5×3 at 115, 125, 135, 145, 145
  • DB bench 4×10 at 45 lbs
  • Back Squat 3×20 at 135 *all sets completed in under 1:00 minute, rest 3:00 between each set
  • Leg Extension 2×15-20 (single leg)
  • Leg Extension 2×15-20 (both legs)
  • Cardio finisher: 25 minute power walk on 5.0 incline followed by 5:00 run on incline

Thursday, June 6th

This morning I got up at 4:40am and went to the gym with my brother and sister in law.

Morning workout:

Back squat 5×5 building up to 185

3×10 hip thrusts with 135 lbs, 2 second pause at the top

3×20 side straight leg raises while laying down and flexing leg (good butt exercise)

5 rounds:

1:00 ab roll outs

1:00 sit-ups

1:00 run on treadmil

Then my sister in law and I went to the beach and ran 3.0 miles before the sunrise. Afterwards we decided to go for a swim.

Sunrise swim in the ocean, you have to try it. This was a very surreal moment for me. I went in first, and every single ripple in the water was reflecting a beautiful orange tint from the rising sun. The water was very calm with slow rolling waves coming in. It was beautiful. I felt so happy and content in this moment that morning and am so glad I went. It was peaceful, exciting, and all I felt was pure joy. This moment made me feel a wave of gratefulness for this life, this world, and the ability to simply do what I was doing. I look forward to swimming in the ocean at sunrise more often.

Thursday afternoon workout at my old gym in Tampa:

Each round is a different score. My scores were: 78, 63, and 44

This was a brutal workout and I really pushed myself on it. The “buy-in” means you have to complete the 100 dubs before you can start doing the AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). The double-unders are not counted in your score.

Friday, June 7th

Today I did a cardio/endurance team workout that is pretty complicated to explain. It was teams of 3, working to finish 5,000 meters on the rower. To simplify what I did, follow these directions:

  • Pick either a certain distance to row, bike, or run on a treadmill
  • One station will be where someone hangs from the rig or a pull-up bar
  • One station will be dumbbell push jerks or a strict press
  • One station will be the row, bike, or run

** Every time the person who is hanging has to drop for the second time, everyone switches and on their switch they do a transition exercise. The person hanging has to do 8 pull-ups, the person with the dumbbells has to do 10 DB squats, and the person rowing has to do 10 burpees. Once all three people have finished their transition exercise, they move to the next station. Pick any order for these! The workout is over once the distance on the row, bike, or treadmill has been reached!

Saturday, June 8th

This morning I did another team workout with two of my badass gal pals.

This was a fun one!

Sunday, June 9th

Sunday fun day! I love sundays at the crossfit gym.. everyone gets together at the whiteboard and makes up a workout to do. The one we made up is a little complicated but it was a lot of good skill practice.

No matter where you are on your journey with handstand walking, strict pull-ups, double-unders, chest to bar pull-ups, or bar-muscle ups.. Get in some practice this week!

I personally am very strong in double unders and pretty strong with handstand walking and strict pull-ups. My chest to bars have come along way but still need improvement. My bar muscle ups have a long way to go (very long). My advice is to pick 2 of these movements to work on. Maybe you really need to work on all of them, that is okay. I still only want you to pick two. Pair these two with two other movements you are very strong in and feel comfortable with. These can be anything from burpees to barbell work.

Make up any workout with these four movements to get some volume and practice in! This workout is up to you so get creative and make it fun!

Have a great week!

Please comment or email me any questions! I would love to help someone make up workouts or guide them in how to modify certain movements to whatever their abilities are at the moment. Lets start movin’. Lets start lovin livin.

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