I love eyes. Everyone’s eyes are different in some way, telling different stories, giving hints to their life. Eyes can seem happy and excited or sad and tired. Love and trusting or anger and hurt. They can see so much more than you think.

My thoughts on eyes:

There is this look people can give you. You can sense when you’re around someone real and caring during a conversation. And when you are, there may be a moment where you can’t help but look into their eyes. I mean really look. When you see how their eyes are speaking so loud and intense you can’t help but stare into them, and what you see can’t ever be accurately put into words. One thing I tend to notice is how the iris of their eyes has a depth to it you can’t really comprehend. With 3D colors and patterns throughout it, its nothing short of beautiful. Their dark black pupils scan back and forth as they look into your left eye, then your right… because you can’t ever look into both of someone’s eyes at the same time.

In these moments you can see the life they have lived in their eyes. Right when neither of you are talking, during a break in a deep conversation where you were both being open and honest. You feel the demons they’ve had, and you can tell they still have some. You can see the tears that have dripped from the corners of their eyes and down their cheeks. These eyes have been tired and hurt before. These eyes have been happy before. These eyes have been in love before. These eyes have been heart broken before. Their eyes tell you things their words never have. Despite the demons they have, you can feel that they are okay because they are relentless in this life. People like this don’t let anything keep them down, at least not for long. You can feel the passion and fire in their eyes, they have a confident energy about them. They are tough.

This gaze lasts longer than you thought it would, probably 30 seconds at the most but it feels much longer. The world is still spinning but you two are still and then you realize something. That this entire time they have been seeing your story through your beautiful eyes. They see your demons, your passion, your soul. This is what I think it feels like for two souls to connect. No words were spoken but you both understand the unsaid.

This doesn’t happen often, and is not just a simple look into someone else’s eyes. This is much more than that, and you may have never experienced it. It could happen with your brother, your father, your mother, your sister, your friend, or your lover. Any soul who is capable of feeling something below the surface and welcomes it into their life with open arms. Cherish these people, as they are much more than what you see on the surface. Learn from them and with them. Grow, and love, and enjoy this life and the genuine people you’re lucky enough to meet along the way. No matter how long they are in your life, don’t take it for granted.

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