Fitting in your workouts with limited time.

Efficiency is the name of the game with a lot of things. I am learning now more than ever how important this can be when it comes to working out. I definitely took advantage of this in my high school and college years. I had enough time to spend 4 hours a day at the gym, sometimes more. That is definitely not the case now. With a full time job and a boyfriend and just wanting to be able to sleep 6 hours a night, spending over 1.5 hours in the gym isn’t my priority anymore. It is possible, but not ideal if I want to fit in other important things in my life. Just like many of you understand and deal with a time crunch more than I do. You may have kids, husbands, wives, and other hobbies that you want to put effort into outside of the gym.

The key is to not waste time at the gym and in your workouts. Refer to my last post “How I got the fittest I have ever been” to understand the basic science behind being efficient.

The more muscle you have the more your body is constantly burning calories for energy to maintain themselves throughout the day. One pound of muscle is also much smaller than a pound of fat. This is exactly why the scale is not what you should be looking at, especially if you just started working out and weight lifting. Your body will gain muscle/burn fat and the numbers on the scale won’t show you this. Muscle has weight! The real goal is to SEE/FEEL a difference.

How do your clothes fit? How do you feel? This is what’s important… not how low the number is on a scale. Weight lifting also increases bone density which will make you weigh a bit more. This is a great thing! Your body is smart and your bones adapt to the stresses placed on them when you do resistance training/weight lifting. This increase in bone density will benefit you in the future as you age. The more dense your bones are the more you decrease your chance for osteoporosis.

Tips to get your workouts in:

  • Plan the days you are going to workout that week ahead of time
  • Hate to say it… but start getting up earlier. An extra hour in the morning before work, school, obligations, etc.. goes a VERY long way.
  • Write down in the morning what your goals are for that day, one of them being to workout
  • If you have to get up early, just get the hell up right away when your alarm goes off. Snoozing throws off your circadian rhythm and makes you feel even more tired when you finally get out of bed
  • Find a workout partner/buddy. You are much less likely to miss a workout if you have plans with someone to go
  • Make a playlist before hand to play for your workout so you don’t waste time on your phone trying to change songs during your workout
  • Make up your workouts and get creative. It is a lot more fun and motivating to do a workout you made yourself than to follow some program every single day. You can copy a similar layout to anything you find online to keep the same time domains.
  • Start paying attention to what accounts you follow on your social media. Go through and unfollow negative/unmotivating ones and find accounts that are motivating and inspiring.

If you are looking for help with coming up with workouts please contact me. I am starting a business to write daily workouts for people and train them if they want personal training. I will be coming TO them with my own equipment and creating workouts custom to the area they have available for them to use such as their house, a nearby park, the beach, etc.

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