Whats important? Sunday Morning Ramble

Why am I here? My name is Lauren but thats insignificant. Lauren is nothing but 6 letters. Letters which are nothing but lines drawn together. Letters became an agreed upon idea by humans as a way of communication. Letters and names are human constructs. So, other humans call me Lauren and I respond because thats what I was taught to do since I was born.

But what am I supposed to be doing every day? The socially acceptable thing to do is wake up, work, pay your bills, go home, eat something.. preferably not fried and processed but something healthier and fresh, exercise, go to sleep, get 8 hours of sleep, drink a lot of water, and go do that again tomorrow. Then, wait for the weekend to come..which is only 2 days long. Drink maybe a beer or two over what you “should” and think you’re making the most of your two days off but really you’re not at all. Or you down like drinking and you sit around and sleep more and stay inside because you’re tired from working all week. Then repeat that week over and over and over again until you’re living some life labeled as normal and successful-ish and then die. Are you happy with this life?

Happiness is a weird thing. Everyone is chasing it but I don’t think any of us really know. Some do, but their usually not who you think they are. I believe happiness is a state of mind, a pattern of thoughts and a way of living. Happiness is truly powerful. I think the path seen most acceptable by society is all wrong. It leads people further from happiness. Placing way too much importance on working 40-70 hour weeks, money, big houses, and everything else that blocks the important things. I think if people really sat down and asked themselves what is important to them.. Then asking how they can treat those things better, give them more effort and attention, they will realize they’re putting way too much of this effort and attention into something that will never truly bring them happiness and neglecting the things that would.

What is important to YOU?

This may be slightly different for everyone. I understand some people work their asses off for a company and own their own business and that is very important to them and I agree, that is awesome. When you work hard for anything, achieving it is an incredible feeling. What if that thing is happiness?

Here are some of the important things in my life:


Who do you love? Who do you care about? Who cares about you? Relationships are very powerful and there are so many different kinds. Having a friend to go to, to talk to, to help and to get help from is very important. Do you treat them like they’re important? Do they know they’re important? You have to take the time and put the effort into relationships. Put your selfish tendencies aside (that we all have) and ask them how they are doing… Better then that, ask them if they’re are HAPPY, if something is going on that is stressing them out. Be there for them, let them talk, because what goes around usually comes around and someone checking in on you one random day might help more than you can imagine. Everyone is going through SOMETHING.

If you have a significant other.. Are you constantly being the best version of yourself or making an effort to be that person? Are you paying enough attention to the details of every day to notice the small things they do for you? The little things really do count. Instead of going through the motions of every day life, try to acknowledge and be grateful for that breakfast they made you, the kiss on the forehead you got this morning, the back rub, the random I love you text, your clean laundry, your coffee, everything. Ask yourself if theres anything you can do to make their day a little easier or put a smile on their face. That is your person! Treat them like you appreciate them.

Alone time/ Meditation

Sometimes we forget to be alone and then when were alone, were not aware of it and still stay connected to someone somehow. Often people mindlessly scroll through their phone or watch tv… the lights are on but no-one is home sort of thing. I have personally never felt more relaxed, and genuinely happy and present then when I would make an effort to have this alone time. Working out alone, going to a sunrise, or simply just sitting down by myself with no phone or internet and being PRESNT in that exact moment is truly life changing. Life is fast and hard and great and so unpredictable that we all just forget to SLOW DOWN. Take a deep breath, feel the air fill your lungs, exhale it out and be calm. Be present. Be grateful. Grateful to be alive. Take time for yourself, so you can be more valuable company to others when you’re not alone.


No-one ever really spends time outside these days. Being outside just feels good. Going on an adventure to a new place is one of my favorite things and I don’t do it enough. It can be very calming and peaceful. Many studies show the importance of nature for someone’s mood and health. Even walking barefoot on the raw ground is shown to be great for one’s health. This is called “grounding” or “earthing”. Research has shown that doing this can produce almost instant changes such as improving sleep, lowering stress, and reducing pain and muscle tension. We are not meant to stay inside all of the time. Go outside, go on a walk, go enjoy the Earth while you’re still living and breathing on it. Life is too short to stay inside every day.

Thats the end of my Sunday morning ramble. Which I wrote while sitting outside, listening to the buzzing of the bugs and the chirping of the birds. Feeling the hot sun on my skin and the not strong enough breeze here in florida. And seeing the palm trees slowly sway back and forth. Sometimes it feels good to feel things. 🙂 Get outside!

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